Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nature alerts & iPhones

You can now be alerted to the latest news and research from Nature journals by setting up a nature.com app on your iPhone. This allows you to either access the full-text of an article immediately or save it for reading later. The app will also allow you to save a search and then receive PubMed alerts (weven though you're a Nature.com app) based on your selection of keywords.

Clinics in Sports Medicine & latest resources

You can now access online, Clinics in Sports Medicine (each issue of which relates to a specific theme). Current issues of Physician and Sportsmedicine should be available shortly.

We have also purchased backfiles of these following journal titles: Clinical Rehabiliation,
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and American Journal of Sports Medicine.

You can check for these, alongside other titles via the Library Catalogue (or use the QuickSearch options on the library homepage).

Friday, February 05, 2010

Test the New Web of Knowledge

If you would like a preview of the (forthcoming) new version of WoK, you could log in to Web of Knowledge and click the top right hand corner linkto "Experience the new version with BIOSIS Citation Index® - Web of Science®". There is an orange box on the next screen with a link that says 'Access it now'. This screen also gives details of what's new.

There will be a number of changes but perhaps the most important is a new powerful Google-like searching option, lemmatisation, which involves the database finding different/related forms of a keyword that you have entered e.g. tooth/teeth. A did you mean? spell-checking option is in development.

Furthermore, cited reference data has now been added to the BIOSIS database which will enable a united set of citation data across all the Web of Knowledge databases. As a result, the 'times cited' count of many articles should increase!

I welcome any feedback or questions you may have about the new version.

Feburary Resource Update

These are recent additional titles/copies and latest editions that have been added to library stock: please click on the links to find out about shelfmark locations, availability, contents...

Advances in motivation in sport and exercise edited by Roberts, Glyn C.
A competitive anxiety review: recent directions in sport psychology research
by Mellalieu, Stephen D. et al

Multiple-task performance edited by Damos, Diane L.
Physical activity and health edited by Bouchard, Claude et al

Roitt's essential immunology- 11th edition - by Delves, Peter J.

Cochrane goes multimedia

Have you checked out the Cochrane Multimedia Portal? This provides a range of online videos, podcasts and slidecasts from the not-for-profit oprganisation The Cochrane Collaboration. Current content includes, amongst others, a six minute video which highlights the role of consumers in promoting evidence-based health care and a nine minute video about how the Cochrane Consumer Network seeks to improve health care in communities around the world.

Friday, November 27, 2009

PubGet: what do you think?

Pubget ”is a search engine for PDFs in the life sciences. We index nearly 20 million life science research documents, including those in PubMed®.” It has been set up to enable links to full-text artitcles from the wide range of journals to which we provide access. The search options are quite basic but a browser toolbar button (PaperPlane) allows you to search in Pubmed and link with ease to a PDF in Pubget. It also provides a convenient way of viewing the latest issues of journals. We're interested to know what you think of it.

Off-campus access to Endnote!

I understand that the University's networked Endnote can now be accessed both off- and on-campus. It's been added as an additional application to the University's Windows Terminal Service. If you have any enquiries regarding this, please contact BUCS.

Endnote is a resource that enables you to store references from multiple databases. A web version of this software exists, called Endnote Web (which you can access via Web of Knowledge). For more information about both resources including short video tutorials, please refer to the Library's Information Skills webpages.

New Database: Social Policy and Practice

Social Policy and Practice, has been added to the Library's List of Health & Medicine Databases. This resource simultaneously searches databases including AgeInfo, ChildData and Social Care Online. Many of its records relate to grey literature e.g. reports, legislation, local/national government documents, organisations, policies, press coverage and service user knowledge. Its main focus is on applied research and practice.

To find other grey literature, researchers may also like to check out Subject Gateways & Organisations for Health & Medicine.

Research Postgraduates: sign up for further training

The Library is running a series of events to help you develop your skills in finding relevant information. There are also events to help you reference properly & avoid plagiarism. Some of the sessions cover general skills whereas others relate to specific databases/subject areas. More information including how to sign up for a session.

Improved Email Reminder Service

Following requests via SSLCs and the Library's talkback board and , you can now opt to receive loan reminders three days or seven days before the due date of a book. This is in addition to those sent one day before. To do this, please go to the Library Catalogue and log into “Your use of the Library”. You;'ll be asked to enter your BUCS username and password. You can then opt to change your preferences as illustrated below:

Latest Book Titles/Additional Copies

A few of the Library's latest resources / additional copies to be added to the Library Catalogue:

Bayesian disease mapping: hierarchical modeling in spatial epidemiology Andrew Lawson (2009)
Case study research Robert K. Yin (2009)
Exercise biochemistry Vassilis Mougios (c2006)
Exercise metabolism Mark Hargreaves (c2006)
Practical sports nutrition Louise Burke (2007)
Sport nutrition: an introduction to energy production and performance Asker E. Jeukendrup (c2004)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

More Wellcome Trust Videos from Film & Sound

Film and Sound Online is providing access to a further range of the Wellcome Trust's online videos. Content covers an impressively broad spectrum of medical conditions, physiology and surgery/ treatments. Access the full list of titles or just access the recent additions.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Resource Update

These are some of the latest new resources / additional copies to be added to the Library's holdings (you can check for availability and further information via the Library Catalogue):

Motivated social perception by Spencer (2003)
Neuromechanics of Human Movement 4th Ed by Enoka (2008)
Ontario Symposium on Personality and Social Psychology (2000)
Sport and exercise mechanics by Grimshaw (2007)
Statistical methods for health care research 5th Ed by Munro (2005)

Welcome back! Developments over the Summer

Hello - these are some of the changes that have take place over the vacation period:

  • You can now bring food and drink into any area of *level 2*.
  • Level 3 has been refurbished, with extra PCs and power points.
  • Part of Level 1 has been turned into a new library training room. Thiss pace can still be used for quiet study when it is not in use for training. Our old training room on level 5 has been turned into student silent studyspace.
  • The newspapers have moved to Level 1.
  • The Computing Services help desk has moved to the left hand side of level2, next door to the computing shop.
  • We have abolished 3 day loans: all textbooks are now 7 day loan or shortloan.
  • Fines have increased slightly, to 20p a day for 28 day loan books and 40pa day for 7 day loan books.
  • There is a new, free, scanning service. The colour photocopier can be used for scanning and will save documents to your network (H:) drive in theMy Documents folder.
  • The Library website has been 'transformed' and we hope this will make it easier for you to find a variety of information i.e. resources for your subject etc. Any feedback regarding the change is very welcome: please contact me at lispgb@bath.ac.uk